Friday, October 19, 2012

Playing catch-up

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  I am not late on this post due to death-by-turkey.  More like death-by-dessert!  There were about 8 dessert options at both (yes there were 2) Thanksgiving dinners Derek and I attended.  And since I didn’t want to hurt any of the hard working chefs’ feelings, I had to try them all! 

We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, aside from Derek and both having a slight cold.  We enjoyed the outdoors and beautiful fall colours by hiking the Luskville Falls Trail, I visited the Vanier Farmer’s Market, and we spent time with our wonderful family and friends.  Thanksgiving may be one of my favourite holidays.

Here are some pics we took during our hike.  I don't think I've seen the colours so vibrant!

Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I really wanted to get our home feeling seasonal, and I am happy to say I accomplished just that!  

Project #1: frame leaves
Project #2: yarn wreath

It is easy to be inspired by our beautiful view.

Friday, on my way home from work I collected leaves like a 7 year old in the park across from our condo.  This was a lot of fun, actually; choosing the most pretty colours and patterns.  Then, once Derek left for a late hockey game I got my crafting on.  To make myself feel better for staying home, doing crafts on a Friday night, I made sure to enjoy a couple Coors Lights.  This may or may not have increased production time...

I drew inspiration for my wreath colours from this really pretty piece of scrap booking paper I found at Michael's.  With all the yarn and felt choices available (there are seriously aisles and aisles at Michael's!) I think having a pattern helps decide on a colour scheme.  

Following the lead of Tanya, Danielle and Yvonne I wrapped (and wrapped and wrapped) yarn and spun my little pieces of felt to create my wreath.  I would love to add a welcome bunting using stencils and pretty fabric one day like Myra.

At the beginning my wreath was looking just like Ashley's wedding colours!

It took a while to get the hang of creating these little rosettes.  But once I made a few they started looking more like flower buds.    

I strung my wreath up using twine I had on hand.  One condo-living bonus: I don't need to worry about my door décor being damaged by the outdoor elements.  Downfall: jack o'lanterns don't really work. 

Our door is looking extra nice compared to our neighbour's accross the hall!  Maybe it's the beginning of their Halloween décor?  Just one has moved in yet - it's still under construction.

I also framed my own pressed leaves and put together a little fall vignette in our entrance.  When Derek got home around 1:30am I was just finishing up.  The yarn wreath took a while!  But it was totally worth it.  I would love to create one for every season and maybe give them as gifts to my craft-loving friends and family members.

Also - I've decided that our little microwave cart near the entrance is going to be like the mantel we'll never have.  We can dress it up depending on the season.  One day I think I will paint it.  Maybe stain the top so it's nice and glossy and paint the base white?

I am also thinking of painting that wall in black chalk board paint.  I think I mentioned this before.  I would be able to add to the seasonal décor with messages and chalk drawings.  I'm still mulling it over...

Framing the leaves was a lot of fun too (and they are still looking fresh!)  I used scrap booking paper as background.

And here's a little gebera daisy in my honey tin on our dining table.

Are you into seasonal decorating?  I love bringing the outside in, especially in the fall.  And I loved making my wreath so much I'm already looking forward to doing one for Christmas, which really is not that far off!  Which means either is the wedding!  EEEK, I better get to the gym!  Kidding, it's Friday, that's not happening...

Happy weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The most lovely bridal shower

This past Sunday was my bridal shower, and it was better than I ever could have imagined.  My bridesmaids, maid of honour, family and friends did such a wonderful job organizing this event, not just for me, but for all the guests who attended.  I heard from more than one person that it was the best shower they've attended!  (I must say, in all fairness, they did not attended Ashley's shower which I organized.  Just kidding!  hehe)

The theme was Perfect Pairings of Wine and Food.  I'm not sure if these were the exact words they used, but this is the theme I took away from the event.

My mother's BFF, Marie-France, is a Sommelier, and played a huge role in the shower.  With the help of my and bridal party, she lead my guests and I through a fun, interactive and informative wine tasting.

Each wine was paired with the perfect appetizer which included cheeses, smoked salmon baguettes, bruschetta, mushroom tarts, fruits and nuts.  All the food was homemade with lots of love.  And even though we were pairing our wines with quite fancy appetizers, Marie-France said we should really just eat whatever we like with our wine.  Even if it's potato chips and champagne!

Here are some of the people who made my day so special:

Ashley, my MOH, and the ring leader of this fabulous event, with Jenny and Lisa my bridesmaids

A nice group shot, with Sacha my sister in law to the right

Here I am with June, Derek's mama

And receiving a nice toast from my own mama

I am lucky enough to have a second mother in law - here's Heather with my cousin Dean

The work put into all the little details was so sweet.  Upon arriving, guests were greeted by an nontraditional guest book.  Everyone wrote an encouraging message on a piece of paper and slipped it into this wine bottle which is meant to be opened by Derek and I on our 1-year anniversary.  So sweet!

Here are the adorable wine charms Ashley made by hand.  On the reverse was a number which was used to draw a prize.

There were also 2 quizzes for guests to participate in.  One was based on the information we learned throughout the wine tastings.  And the other was how well everyone knew me. 

Dessert was delicious: lemon and lime cheese cake tarts, fresh fruit and cake.  All home made and to die for.

It was an overwhelming day filled with my favourite people, delicious food and so many generous gifts.  I know everyone had a really great time, and I did too.  What it did make me realize is how fast time flies when you are the guest of honour at these types of events.  It's something I hear time and time again from brides about their wedding day, and I experienced it a little bit at my shower.  I couldn't believe how exhausted I was by the end of the day, even though I felt like I hardly did anything.  Socializing is hard work I guess!?

So again, a big thank you to everyone who attended and all the work everyone did.  I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!