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My name is Meaghan and lovelee honeybee is my small space on the internet where I can express my excitement (and frustrations) about interior decorating, weddings, fashion, food and my future babies as I go through life and “become an adult”. 

Did you know that honey bees are a symbol of hope?  They encourage cleanliness, social organization, reproduction, tireless work and best of all produce one of nature’s sweetest gifts. 

I love everything about the honey bee (especially honey...) I am inspired by their hard work, dedication to cleanliness and order, and drive to produce their sweet product.  If only I was as disciplined as the honey bee.

Until then, I will eat honey.  Everyone can use a little sweetening up, right!?

Quick Facts:
  • I am just got married to my best friend, Mr. Right Wright, on New Year's Eve 2012!
  • I went to Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where I made some of my best friends for life, while falling in love with the Maritimes.
  • I work in Human Resources for the federal government.
  • I am hugely inspired by Sarah Richardson’s interior decorating style.
  • I love weddings.  Big and small - from the over-the-top-spend-a-million-dollar kind to the sweet and simple city hall ceremonies shared between few people.
  • Many of our friends are beginning to start their families.  I think it’s so exciting and feel so lucky to be able to share some of their experiences.  I'm trying to learn as much as I can through them.
  • A psychic told me that I am going to have 2 kids: 1 girl and then a perfect!
  • My favourite food is nutella.  I can’t keep it in the house or else all my clothing weird.
  • I try to exercise semi-regularly by playing soccer, practicing bikram yoga, and enjoying the outdoors (or else (again) all my clothing shrinks...)

If you would like to contact me, please do!

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