The Bachelor

Welcome to the bachelor(ette).  Derek and I currently live in an almost 500 square foot apartment close to down town Ottawa.  Even though we are excited to be moving into our somewhat larger (760 square foot) condo summer 2012, I will admit that I'm going to miss this place and I'm glad we've spent a couple years here, together.

Most of the blogs I read include a house tour.  So for the sake of keeping up with everyone, sharing our home with friends and family far away, as well as creating a virtual diary for ourselves, I've decided to do my own tour of our little space we call home.

Our home is inside The Seigniory Apartment.  Here is a picture I took from across the Ottawa River.

Our apartment is in the front of the building facing the road.  So although we don't get a river view, we enjoy the afternoon sunlight.

Here are a couple photos of our view from the balcony.  Apparently I only take photos of outdoors during extreme rain storms...

and snow storms...

We love the location, which is why we decided to purchase our condo just across the river in New Edinburgh, which has so much to offer.  If we ever get bored of New Ed, then we can be in the Market in 20 minutes by foot.

We are lucky enough to have a small hall way at the front door which helps to create an entrance.  The bathroom is immediately to the left and the kitchen to the right.

Here's what we see when we enter the kitchen.  I like our kitchen.  There is a decent amount of cabinet space, the colours are neutral and there was enough room to include a microwave cart.

I am still forced to store things like mixing and salad bowls on top of my fridge.  But I love how colourful they are and think they add some excitement to the somewhat bland kitchen.

Here's our Keep Calm and Carry on Sign that I really love.  It hangs above the microwave, which also acts as the home to our (empty) fruit colander, ancient toaster and my cheese grating lady.

You know you wanted a close up of her!  She's more for decoration, I don't actually dirty her with cheese.

Turn the corner and you will find yourself in our dining room!  It is furnished with our freebie table and chairs (including one random faux leather computer chair for extra seating) from Derek's parents' friends.  This furniture has served us well, however I'm looking forward to unwrapping our new dining set which is currently being stored in my parents' basement when we move into our new condo.  

We definitely use every square inch of our apartment, so this dining table gets a LOT of use!  I'm not a fan of eating meals on the couch with my food on my lap, but I do love watching TV, so the fact that the dining room is really the living room is awesome.   

The book shelves are just old IKEA BILLY bookcases.  I almost made Derek toss them when he moved in here, but he insisted on keeping them.  I am happy he did, because where else would we have put our books, picture frames and all my vases?  

I have ideas about painting them white and wallpapering the backs, but it hasn't happened yet.  I think they will move to the condo with us and live in our dining room until I either make them pretty with paint and wallpaper or replace them.

And because I love styled book shelves so much, here's my attempt.  Taking everything down and redoing the shelves is a pretty common activity for me.

Our living room is just across from the bedroom.  The space allows for plenty of seating.  I love the large mirror which really helps make the space appear larger.  

I know this picture is full of Christmas decorations, but it gives a slight different point of view.  Plus, it's cozy!

This is how we store our million remote controls.  It's a vintage honey tin.  When we were first planning our wedding it was going to be in my parents' backyard and have honeybee accents, so I began collecting things like this.  Derek thought it was crazy to spend $25 on this rusty tin, but I had to have it.  Now that our wedding plans have changed and the honey theme doesn't really fit in with a glitzy New Year's Eve gala, I've decided to put the tin to use by keeping the remotes together.  Plus, it's tangerine tango!  Pantone's 2012 colour of the year!  Everything happens for a reason :)

Our bedroom faces the living room.  We sleep on a futon.  It's slightly embarrassing but we actually both quite like the firm "mattress".  Don't worry, it won't be moving to the new condo with us.  We are currently on the hunt for a grown-up, queen-size bed!

Through that door beside the bed, you will find our walk-in closet.  I will not be opening the door because it's scary!  but we are able to store most of clothing in there and the IKEA dresser which sits on the other side of the bed.  We are forced to store off-season clothing in our storage locker.  I imagine we will need to do the same in our new condo.

When summer arrives, our home grows by about a hundred square feet.  We love our patio!  

We are outside quite often with friends and to eat dinner together.  

So that's it!  We really love our home, and to quote Michelle from Ten June, this is how I feel:

It's going to be exciting to see the changes that come with living in a brand new condo.  Shiny new appliances and furniture that no one else has ever used!  But, until then we will relish the last few months we have at The Seigniory!


  1. great post meaghan! i loved all the pictures and reading about where you guys the place..especially your patio with all of the plants :)

    from : steph yee

    1. Oh, I'm glad you liked it Steph! We will be sad to lose our huge patio - I think the one at the new condo will be about 1/4 of the size.


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