Sunday, February 24, 2013

Showing our bathroom some love

As mentioned in my last post, my first goal in a series I will dub "Showing our home some love" will involve organizing our little bathroom.

And what better way to get motivated than by a Pinterest Challenge!

I've definitely pinned some beautifully organized bathroom spaces and prettied-up medicine cabinets.  So now is the time to stop starring at those pins and start moving my butt.

BTW, this challenge has been organized by Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power.  You can watch the cutest video ever of their little ones announcing this year's winter edition right here.

Here are some photos I'm using as inspiration.  Wouldn't it be amazing to be greeted with a bright, fresh and organized cabinet every morning when you go to grab your tooth brush?  

So with those inspiration photos in mind, I'm all set to accomplish phase-1 of showing our bathroom some love: organizing and styling our medicine cabinet.  I may also get down under the sink as well.

I plan to be back here next Monday, March 4th to give you an update. Hopefully I will have beautiful before and after photos to share!

Wish me luck!

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