Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A special day

I wanted to write a blog post today because today is a special day; my birthday!

First of all, let me say that I had a fabulous weekend celebrating.  Friends and family made it out to a picnic in the park hosted by my lovely husband (I helped with details of course!)  The weather was beautiful, guests brought delicious food to share, we played games, drank mason jar mojitos and just had a great time.

My friends and family spoiled me with lovely gifts, and I was so touched to receive little items donned with honeybees!

I got adorable honeybee thumbtacks...a honeybee mug....honeybee measuring spoons and even a hive soap dispenser.

It seems as though the honeybee has really become my signature logo!

Over the last few months, while this blog has been steadily collecting dust, although never completely forgotten, my friends and family have been asking me when I'll be writing again.  I just smile and say I have lots of ideas and not a lot of time.  Which is true (I have SO many ideas!) but we all know about those hours during the week spent on facebook, pinterest or watching tv that could be converted into doing something more productive.

So, because it's my birthday, which also happens to mark the beginning of the last year in my twenties, and the fact that I love making fresh starts this time of year (must be the back to school feeling), I've decided to prioritize blogging once again.

It's something I love doing, but I realize it's also something my friends and family really enjoy too!

I've obviously got a whole list of priorities for my last year as a twenty-something-year-old that I plan on sharing, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, I'm off to enjoy this lovely Tuesday evening with the man of my dreams (who even sent me flowers to work today!)

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  1. Hi Meaghan! It was nice to meet you! I really like your blog! Remember, once a blogger, always a blogger! hehehe :)