Friday, April 20, 2012

An emotional roller coaster!

Even though our wedding is over 8 months away, friends and family are always asking me for wedding plan updates.  I love this, since I love weddings (especially my own!), and have been so lucky since everything has been going so smoothly.  We are feeling pretty organized and have most of the key items taken care of (or so we on).

When I check out the to-do lists put together by wedding websites, like The Knot, I delete a lot of the items because they don't apply, but am pretty happy to see the following major items crossed off my list:

  • Set a budget and date
  • Book the venue 
  • Select the wedding party members
  • Book a photographer
  • Book an officiant
  • Find a dress
  • Schedule engagement photos
  • Put together a wedding website
  • We even booked our honeymoon this week!

I figure we are well position for the time being, and I am not going to stress about any minor details until the fall, since between now and August I am pretty busy with...

  • wedding showers (2)
  • baby showers (2)
  • bachelorette party (1)
  • weddings (4)
  • new babies (5)
  • our condo's closing date (July 23)

Not to mention all the other fun events (including MY BIRTHDAY!) that happen over the summer!  It's a little crazy, I realize.

All that to say, I was feeling on top of things until yesterday.

I was notified by The Fraser Café's Table 40 that they will unfortunately not be able to host our wedding.  

I know, it's really sad, but we will all live.

They have realized now, after being open for a few months and hosting several cocktail parties and other events, that they will just not be able to accommodate our needs and meet our expectations.  I am a pretty understanding person and realize mistakes happen, so I didn't go all bridezilla on the event coordinator for making promises he couldn't keep.  

I am slightly stressed that it might be difficult to find a similar venue within our budget since we are not only competing with weddings but also New Year's Eve parties.

The event coordinator suggested Urban Element as a good option.  I am anxiously waiting to hear back from them.  Meetings are booked with the event coordinators at Juniper and The Arc Lounge for next week.  And I am also waiting to hear back Sidedoor.

I would be very happy to get married and any of these locations.  And so far, I'm just relieved to know there is still availability.  (Juniper actually told me that their NYE wedding was just rescheduled a couple days ago, so the timing could be perfect if that location works out!)

I am telling myself that everything happens for a reason and we will be married at the location that is meant for us.  I think stumbling over this hurdle early in my wedding planning will help me realize that things can fall through at any time and I need to be ready to roll with the punches.  I'm sure a few other "disasters" will occur before our big day.  

Have any of you experienced fun surprises like me while wedding planning?  I think as long as I look fabulous the day-of and our guests are happy and healthy I will be fine.  

Yes - looking fabulous is at the top of my priority list.  I'm not ashamed of my wedding day vanity.  

Anyone have any other wedding venue suggestions?  I would love to hear about them if you do!

TGIF peeps!!!


  1. Good for you for not going all "bridezilla" on him LOL. It sucks when things don't go smoothly but it sounds like you have everything in check. I had a set back with my flowers. I had planned for basic wrapped bouquets of tulips and peonies. I love tulips and we always had them around the farm, plus my Dad is dutch so this was important to me. We had big peony bushes on the farm too. Having these 2 types of flowers was important to me. 1 week before our big day, 1 week!!!, my florist told me she couldn't get either. I was really upset, but had to remember that in the grand scheme of things it could have been much worse :)

    1. Thanks Alcia. I am lucky that I am generally a pretty calm person and I am confident things will work out in the end. I think the fact that we are still so far away from the big day helps. I can imagine being pretty upset about a flower situation like you had, especially so close to the date when stress levels are higher! You're right - in the end those are the small things - I have to try and remember that!

  2. Everything is going to bea amazing, Meaghan, and you're going to make such a beautiful bride. I used to work in the same building as Urban Elements and it's a fantastic venue!

    1. Thanks Rosie! Urban Element does look like a really awesome venue!

  3. There is always Vegas!!!! I am sorry to hear that this issues as happened but you sound confident it will all work out, and it will. I planned our wedding in 3 months and it was tough. Just be ahead of the game and keep back up plans in case something else arises. Wish I could suggest other place, but I have no idea about that area beside the short time I spent back in September. So happy for you!!!

    1. There is always Vegas, Kelly - you are right! Wow, 3 months! I thought my girlfriend was cutting it close with 6 months. All weddings are beautiful, no matter what - I'm not worried!

  4. My wedding day mishap wasn't because they couldn't accomodate, it was because they forgot something. the photographer came to my parents house to take the pre-wedding photos only to realize that he didn't bring a certain lens. so he had to go back to the studio to get it. yuppers.......i was 20 mins late walking up the aisle. Poor Shaun....for those agonizing minutes he must have thought that I'd reconsidered.......LOL.......something he'll never forget. (I think it scared him, cuz he's been a terrific husband for 29 years........LOL)

    1. Wow, those 20 minutes probably felt like an eternity to Shaun! Big 30-year anniversary coming up!!! Thanks for sharing :)