Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't forget about Craigslist!

As we count the days until we move into our new condo, I day dream (and night dream) constantly about furniture placement, wall colours, wall galleries, how to hid the television cables, if we will have enough storage....etc, etc, etc.  I roam furniture stores and browse online for inspiration, re-work our budget if I see and love something more get the point.  I'm obsessed.

Recently, I decided to check out what furniture was being sold on Craigslist.  I've purchased some great pieces off of Craigslist for my previous apartments, and even sold some items when moving.  I think it's a great resource.  

Unfortunately I don't usually seem to find many great deals - UNTIL TODAY!  

And I think I've figured it out.  People who have quality items to sell post strategically (like Friday afternoons - the day before people are planning to go weekend furniture hunting).  I get it now.

I've pulled together a few of my favourite Craigslist finds.  I'm not necessarily in the market for all of these items, but I think they are great deals and someone better take advantage of at least one of my stellar finds!

This charming hutch is selling for $300 (or best offer).  It looks to be in pretty good condition while offering plenty of storage and shelves to display whatever your heart desires.  

If I were to bring this baby home I would absolutely paint it out a nice, crisp white (maybe leave the natural wood detail like they did).  Ooooo, doesn't this one look beautiful?

However, I'm not sure how I would decide on a backing.  I love the light, robin's egg blue in the hutch above, but I think wall paper would also be stunning.  Honey Sweet Home did a beautiful job restoring her used hutch find.  I love how she picked up the gold detailed wallpaper with gold hardware.  It's so luxe.

This Victoria style couch may not appeal to everyone, but I think it's pretty cool.   And for $400 for the couch and matching chair, I'd say it's a decent deal!

Especially when you can funkify it into something like this awesome love seat by reupholstering it with some colourful, geometric fabric.  I can totally see it working in a kid's playroom or an entryway.  

This $175 vintage dresser had nice lines and great storage.   

It reminds me of John and Sherry's from Young House Love.  I'm not sure if you would be able to remove the stain, but if so you could do a great wood base with white top like they did.  

This one from Design Sponge is pretty awesome too.  I love how they used it as a television console.  

Or you could go all out and paint it a bright and cheerful colour like Erin did at Domestic Adventure for her nursery.  I love yellow in a nursery and her numbered knobs are the cutest thing I've ever seen.  (I should also mention it was her first Craigslist purchase and was only $10 - can't you believe that!?!?)

I found this great looking couch which looks to be in excellent shape for $600 (OBO).  With a few colourful accent pillows you're golden!

Anyone in the market for any (or all) of the above-mentioned furniture?  If not, maybe it has inspired you to look a little further on Craigslist?  

Which one is your favourite?  I can't decide between the hutch and the vintage dresser.  I want both!  

Happy Friday the 13th everyone - I hope you all have lovely weekends!

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  1. Lovelee Honeybee rocks! Great Inspirations!