Friday, May 25, 2012

The greatest weekend since last weekend

Did everyone have a great long-weekend last weekend?  I hope so.  But not to worry if you didn't because this weekend is one of the most exciting weekends in Ottawa, and one of my personal favourites.

Our beautiful city is hosting Ottawa Race Weekend which creates so much buzz and energy.  

I've participated in the Ottawa Race Weekend's half marathon twice.  The first time was in 2009 with my best bud, Ashley (yes, those are matching outfits) and my other girlfriend, Jenny.  It was a first half for all three of us.  Since then I've done one more, Ashley's become a super star and completed 4, and Jenny had had enough after her first!

I was at the race in 2010, but had a different perspective.  It was still exciting and I loved cheering on my girl, but I missed the actual running part.  

Last year, I was back in the race!  Ashley and I decided to wear different hats ;)

I had to include this picture because it really shows what type of man I am marrying.  Derek is the most supportive and encouraging person.  He was so proud of me that day, and clearly, very excited!  Here he is coming in for a hug - so glad my sis caught it on camera!

So now it's 2012 and thought I should stick with the pattern I have created and take the year off.  Obviously I only run on odd number years.  

I will enjoy seeing the running spandex everywhere and feeling the energy in the air as thousands of inspirational athletes prepare for the big day. As a nice, flat, picturesque qualifier for the Boston Marathon, there are many elite runners gracing our city this weekend.  I am sure I will miss being a part of those pre race jitters though, so next year the plan is to run again!

You think that's enough excitement for one Ottawa weekend?  Well, it's not!  There is debate on whether this second event is ranked higher on the scale of amazing-ness.  For me?  It's a tie.  

I know some people who are as excited about the Great Glebe Garage Sale as kids are about Christmas morning!  This local garage sale is legendary.  If you are not familiar with Ottawa, The Glebe is an upscale neighbourhood just south of downtown.  It is known for it's main street which is full of trendy boutiques, great restaurants, coffee (and tea) shops, a plethora of spas, and art galleries.  

It's a very desirable (and expensive) place to live; many of the beautiful large homes on the tree lined streets are a century old, and are walking distance to downtown, the Rideau Canal, farmers markets and lots of green space.  

All that to say - these rich people sell nice stuff!  People have been known to walk away with anything from rare pieces of fine art, traffic lights, bicycles, antique jewellery and loads of kitchenware.  So tomorrow, Ashley (who is also taking a year off from running the half) and I will be participating in another type of sport - garage saleing.  

My favourite purchases from the past are: 
  • our outdoor wooden bistro set seen in the background here:

  • my vintage pyrex mixing bowls seen on top of my fridge, here:

  • And thirdly an awesome tennis racket that Derek is now calling his own.  

Tomorrow I won't be going in with much of a plan, which is just fine by me.  It makes for a less stressful garage saleing experience.  It's when your mind is clear and open that the real gems shine through.

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for one specific item though, and that is - an antique briefcase/suitcase to use at our wedding.  Something like this charming case from etsy, but that doesn't cost $60 plus tax and shipping.  I'm thinking more like $30.  

Other than that, I'm just planning on enjoying the day with my friend, and strolling through those lovely tree-lined streets to see what catches my eye.

If you are planning attending but don't have much experience I would suggest checking out this site for more information and helpful tips.  You can also search #gggs for twitter updates.

From my experience, here is what I think you should know: 

  • arrive early (like before 7am), and pick up a coffee from Bridgehead 
  • bring a travel mug which you can then use for discounted lemonade (there are kids selling lemonade EVERYWHERE!)
  • if you are driving, park outside the Glebe, as it will be a nightmare to escape the madness
I'll definitely let you know what Ash and I end up purchasing.  If anyone finds something really neat, I want to hear about it!  

And if you see a wicked antique suitcase tweet me the location @loveleehoneybee!

Have a great weekend and good luck to all the runners (and garage salers!)


  1. I love races and the energy it brings to the air. My husband and I were on a road trip around the southwest US and we just happened to stop in a town where they were having an Iron Man! So cool.

    I hope you got some great finds at the mega garage sale :)


    1. It's so neat, eh? I saw the Iron Man years ago and was so impressed. We definitely found some great deals!