Monday, May 14, 2012

The perfect pear

How was everyone's mother's day?

Mine was lovely.  I went to my mom's choir concert.  She sings for the Village Voices and they put on their annual spring concert Saturday night.  Sunday was spent at my parents' house, enjoying breakfast (veggie omelettes made by my brother, Keenan), walking the dog, visiting the nursery and planting our new flowers, having bbq for dinner and just enjoying the day.  

The weather was beautiful - about 25 degrees and sunny.  Derek and I actually braved the freezing water temperatures and jumped in the swimming pool!

This year, for mother's day, I decided to craft a gift instead of giving her a purchased one, as I usually do.  All these weddings, new babies and moving into our new home have created a tight budget.  But I came to realize that it didn't mean my mom's gift had to suffer.

I found this idea on Pinterest:

(Sorry, I cannot locate the original source)

I had pinned it onto one of my boards a while ago, and thought this was the perfect occasion to put my rediscovered crafting skills to the test.

My girlfriend, Ashley, came over for a ladies night on Friday and we got started.

To successfully complete this craft you will need:

  • light bulbs
  • twine
  • twigs
  • a glue gun
  • scissors
  • wine 
  • chocolate
  • if you have a friend - double the wine and chocolate

The craft was super easy.  We just began gluing the twine at the bottom of the light bulbs and worked our way up.

Make sure to glue the twine as close together as possible, or else you will end up with gaps.  And once you reach the top, just snip the twine and glue your twig to cover the end.

Since we were going for the whole rustic chic look, we didn't mind if it wasn't perfect.  It just adds to the charm.

Here is the finished product!

I finished off my package by wrapping the pears in a pretty pink linen dish towel and tying it with twine.  I actually felt like a little kid, mother's day morning.  I couldn't wait to give my mom the craft I had made her!  

She loved her pears and was so impressed that I had made them!  I don't think she believed me at first.  Once she finds the perfect resting place for her gift I will post a picture from her house.

In the mean time, let's talk weddings...

I love the wedding theme "A perfect pear", and I think these handmade pears would be the perfect addition.

Someone please use this wedding theme.  Think of the amazing details it would involve
  • A soft greeny/yellow and crisp white colour pallet 
  • Pear and brie appetizers
  • Pear seating cards
  • A butter cream frosted cake with pear accents
  • Bowls of pears

Has anyone else tried out a craft you've had bookmarked for a while?  I have been enjoying crafting a lot lately and am thinking of learning how to embroider.  I love the whimsical, charming look of hanging embroidering hoops in nurseries.  And I've always wanted monogrammed bedding - maybe I'll just do it myself!

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