Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Small space...many seats

Has anyone heard of the Make Room by Urban Barn?  It's a really amazing online tool I discovered which allows you to create floor plans for any room you like!  The dimensions of your space are entered into the system, and from there you can do anything....

  • add windows, doors, closets, staircases, etc.
  • choose flooring finishes
  • insert furniture
  • include details such as electrical outlets, baseboard heaters, fire places, vents, etc.

As we anxiously await our move-in date (July 2, 2012) I have been doing a lot of window shopping for furniture.  We probably won't make many purchases until we actually move in and get a feel for the space, but we are also keeping our eyes peeled for sales...boxing day is coming up!  If we see something that we really love and think will work with the style and feel we are going for,  we can always store it at my parents' house (and cross our fingers it fits and works in the condo).  

The style we are both into right now is modern with clean lines and shiny accents, and some antique/rustic pieces to add warmth and texture.  I love colour and try to infuse it with pillows, throws, accents, art, and fresh flowers (when Derek buys them for me...).  I keep the basic pieces and wall colours pretty neutral.

Here is a picture of our condo's floor plan:

And here is the floor plan I've created using the Make Room tool for the Living/Dining Room:

Through the online room planner, I was able to insert symbols which represent furniture that I'm currently interested in.  By going to the stores' websites I am able to input the furniture dimensions to ensure they will fit in my space.  Then I can play around with the layout to see what I like best.  I am continuously changing the placement of furniture and adding/removing pieces. 

Here are a couple pieces of furniture that I'm really excited about....

Allow me to introduce Cedric.  

We love him.  He has clean lines, is the perfect colour grey, with slightly feminine tufted details and is a full 89 inches long - that is almost 7 and a half feet!!!  I used an only converter for that btw....  Derek and I actually first met him in person at Urban Barn in the Market and immediately feel in love.  He's really comfortable and we figure 4 people could definitely sit very comfortably together on this couch.  Plus, it's not a bad bed for overnighters.    

We think he is perfect for our condo because he does not have a bulky back or arms which take up space and will add a lot of seating while still looking chic.  At $999.99 we think he's a pretty good bang for our buck (maybe cheaper if he goes on sale).  And how fun it will be to dress him up with colourful and textured pillows!?!?

PS - I also love that his name is Cedric.

Next up, we have Europa!  The extendible glass table which reaches a full 79.5 inches in length.

If you look at the floor plan I've created, I think she will fit perfectly over top of an area rug, and act as a good divider between the kitchen and living room.  We will be able to hang a light fixture above the dining table which will also help identify the dining space.  

She's long and narrow which will allow for maximum seating, without being bulky and her shiny chrome plated and steel frame will pick up on the shiny hardware we will have in the kitchen.  The glass top won't take up any visual space which will help keep things light and airy - an important aspect, in my opinion, when decorating a small space.  

We haven't seen any dining chairs we are in love with, so I will keep you posted on that.  We definitely want something comfortable and inviting, and definitely versatile since it's right beside the living room furniture and not in a closed off dining space.

Here are some looks I love:

I love that these chairs look beautiful from all angels 
found here

these look very comfortable and the tufting matches Cedric the couch
found here

I like the idea of having larger matching head chairs 
found here

As for what else is going in the living/dining room.  I would love:
  • a hutch or book case for the wall behind the dining table
  • a low bench dividing the dining and living room
  • 2 comfortable sitting chairs to face Cedric
  • a large coffee table

As I mentioned, we would like to add some rustic wood pieces into the mix, and I think the coffee table is the great piece to take that on.  I really like the look of these:

found here  

found here

found here

We haven't decided if we will put the TV on the wall in the living room or squeeze it into the den with a sofa. We think it's a decision we will need to make once we've moved in and can get a feel for the space.  At least we have options - even with only 760 square feet!

Anyone else taking on the challenge of fitting as much seating as possible into a small space, or mixing modern with rustic pieces?

Until next time!


  1. Meggerz - that look amazing - what a fun site to use!!!

  2. Very cool program, I love your layout. And I love Cedric. I recently purchased a couch cover the same colour to hide our current hideous couch until we move and get a new one. I love the idea of mixing modern with rustic. Looking great so far!

  3. Ooh I will have to try that site out! We have always had long rectangle living rooms which I find very hard to decorate. Maybe you could do it for me ;). I also love that you use the names for your furniture and refer to them as he/she too cute! Check out scan design furniture. They have some awesome stuff, but nothing we will be buying till our rugrats are old enough not to put sticky hands on ;)

  4. Thanks Jayme - be careful, it can be addictive!

    I love the colour Alicia, I feel as though it matches with everything.

    Tiff, I'm going to check out that furniture - thanks...and thinking of you and baby to be :)