Monday, December 12, 2011


Junior - it's what we have named our Christmas tree this year.  Maybe we have a thing for naming items in our home?  We picked her up at the corner of Montreal Rd and St Laurent Blvd in Vanier.  Yea, I just said that....

I think the whole process of selecting the tree and getting her in the car took about 30 seconds.  It was hilarious.  We parked the car, walked into the roped off area with all the trees, tried to negotiate a price for about 5 seconds (we only had $40 cash), looked at 2 trees, chose the second one and left....probably without getting a deal.

It might have  had something to do with the fact that we had a fresh pizza from Louis' in the car.  In our opinion, Louis' has the BEST pizza in the world.  If you haven't been, you have to go.  Our favourite is half Hawaiian and half combination on thin crust.

Anyways, we love her and I couldn't wait to get her in the door and decorate her!  I think Derek could sense my excitement and kindly allowed me to take the lead on decorating our tree this year.  What a guy....or maybe he was just more interested in the pizza....

Over the past couple weeks I have been (secretly) collecting ornaments over my lunch hour...mostly from the Zellers downtown on Sparks St.  Do you know how cheap and pretty their ornaments are?  Not to mention I also discovered that they carry an Alfred Sung line of clothing and I picked up a couple tops for under $15 each!

The colour scheme I was going for this year was silver sparkles with mostly pink and some green ornaments.  We have a lot of purple in our home decor right now, so it fit right in.  

It took us a few minutes to get her set up in the tree stand - I will admit this was somewhat stressful.  Then I poured way too much water in the base and we had a mini flood.  But that was after we had to remove some bottom branches with my brand new Cuisinart scissors.

She is only 5 feet tall, so she fits in the apartment perfectly.  I love the way she turned out and the glow coming from the white lights.  It makes everything so cozy.  

One of my favourite new additions are the matching love birds I placed at the top underneath my disco ball star.  

I was trying to experiment with the settings on my camera to get the best picture.  I actually found some of the best pictures came from my phone.

Putting up the Christmas tree is definitely a key activity in getting into the Christmas spirit.  I've been to a few parties so far this December, including Derek's work party at Le Chateau Laurier this past Saturday (amazing), but I'm finding it difficult to get in the mood without snow.  I am really hoping for a white Christmas and some cooler temperatures so that the outdoor rinks can freeze...not to mention the canal.  If it's going to be cold and dark outside all winter, I at least want to be able enjoy some winter activities!  You with me?!

I hope everyone is having a really great Christmas season so you guys have your trees and decoration up yet?


  1. Your going to run out of names before you have kids, lol!! I really wanted a purple theme this year, but the kids sure love the colour so we are one colorful house! Junior is very nice and love the birds! :)
    try the luminous setting looks like a bar on your camera. That should get rid of some orange or the light bulb setting. It's always tricky to get the right colour from lights at Christmas because there is so many on around you. I still struggle and it's my job ;)

  2. so cute!! which present is mine???

  3. haha - I know eh Tiff? I was able to talk Derek into letting me have a "grown-up" Christmas tree this year. Poor guy...I made him keep all his childhood ornaments in our storage unit. But it's just one year :) Thanks for the photo tips!

  4. haha - Danielle, those are fakies :)

  5. I would like to see an in-depth article about Louis' pizza, with no details left out!
    -Anonymous a.k.a. Louis lover

  6. hmmm, maybe that will have to be a future post!

  7. enjoy your grown up tree while you can. our tree is teddy bears this year in honour of Hudson. I love the grown up look, but I also love the loud, colourful, home-made ornament look too. (p.s. isn't Junior a guy's name?)

  8. Did your Cuisinart scissors get a shout out in this blog post? Love it!

  9. Thanks Jayme!

    Sue, that's exactly what I told Derek...we will have many years of colourful, homemade decorations which I also love

    haha...the scissors definitely got a shout-out V!