Friday, December 16, 2011

Country, city, summer, choices!

If you know me, you know that I love weddings - weddings of all sorts, sizes and styles - and I have been dreaming of the day when I could finally pay the cashier for the stack of bridal magazines while proudly displaying my engagement ring.

When Derek and I got engaged this year, on my birthday (one of the best days of my life), I was so excited to begin planning our wedding.  Originally I dreamed of a romantic backyard wedding at my parents' house, with a vintage flare.  I was picturing a crisp white tent, a pastel colour pallet and vintage tea tins used as flower vases and me in a tea-length wedding dress with amazing shoes.

Here are some images I used as inspiration for my dream backyard wedding (mostly found through Pinterest...please tell me you have an account and are as obsessed as I am!)

Tea tin vases compliments of Martha Stewart of course.

  I love the vibe I'm feeling from this homey picture from Green Wedding Shoes.

If my table looked half as good as this one, I would be one happy bride.

A backyard wedding is not complete without strings of glowing white lights.

There are a ton of dresses I love, but this photo makes me drool - found on The Cinderella Project.

Alas, my backyard wedding was not meant to be.  Even though the idea makes me so excited and happy, it would be a ton of work for many people other than myself.  And probably pretty expensive once all is said and done.  Also, we were pushing the wedding date to summer 2013 so that we could move into our condo first (July 2012). That would add up to an almost 2-year engagement.  Something that doesn't really bother me, but Derek is obviously really anxious to call me his wife :)

SO!  On to our new favourite wedding idea - An intimate evening cocktail party at one of our favourite downtown restaurants....on New Year's Eve 2012!!!  

We are in love with the idea of a cozy evening affair with our closest friends and family.  The fact that we can ring in the New Year together will also be a bonus (not to mention add lots of sparkle and cheer to the décor and theme!)

Here are some venues we are considering (in no particular order)
As of today I have spoken to the event coordinators at Eighteen and Fraser Café.  We have a meeting at Fraser Café next Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it.  Here is why:

  • Fraser Café is located in New Edinburgh, our soon-to-be neighbourhood, which we are in love with.  I like the idea of keeping the wedding personal, so having our wedding a block away from where we live seems perfect.  
  • Fraser Café has amazing food.  We have only been once, but it was definitely one of our top 3 dining experiences.  They are known for using seasonal and local ingredients and their menu includes a "chef surprise" which is exactly that - a spontaneous creation made by the chef!  Really cool, if you ask me.
  • They have recently added a private dining area beside their restaurant called Table 40.  It can seat up to 45 people for a sit-down meal and can accommodate more for a cocktail party.  This room is beautifully designed, from the pictures I have seen on facebook, and has it's own entrance, bar and washrooms.
  • Best of all, there is no fee for renting the space.  We pay for the food and drinks and that's it!  Since they have this extra space and will not have to shut down their restaurant (unlike some of our other options) they won't lose out on their regular business.  
Now that we are planning a winter wedding, here are some pictures that I am finding very inspiring:

I love this colour pallet - blush, neutrals, with some sparkle for the NYE festivities.  Very soft and romantic.  I think it would be easily attainable also.

Here are some ideas on how to add woods-y neutrals.  I think the pine cones are perfect for adding a natural and organic element with texture (and a bit of Christmas). 

I thought a tea-bar for the backyard wedding would have been really nice, but then I stumbled across this hot coco bar which I love even more!  How fun and delicious would this be for after dinner along with a selection of liquors?

There would still be lots of opportunity for DIY touches - I think this looks pretty simple and straight forward from Martha Stewart.

I am still planning on going with a tea-length wedding dress.  I love this look.  The bonus of having an indoor wedding - wearing whatever shoes I like since I won't have to worry about my heels sinking into the grass :)

As of right now, I do not have any solid plans - just a lot of crazy ideas bouncing around in my head.  Once we settle on our date and location I think details should fall into place more easily.  We also need to discuss budget...ewww, don't you hate that word?  We both know that we want to keep costs as minimal as possible, so I will be trying my best to come up with ingenious ways to do so.

Any feedback, suggestions, ideas for a NYE wedding?  I know some people who are against mixing engagements and weddings with birthdays and holidays, but it seems as though we are already on that track...I think it just doubles the excitement and celebration!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I see nothing wrong with weddings and holidays! If you like the date then that's all that matters. I know a lot of people that get married Thanksgiving wedding so later they find it tough to celebrate with kids, but really it's tough with little ones no matter what the day and in the end it's only a day and you can make any day special when you need it to be.
    I would just say cost would be $$$ more for that day. But if your not charged from the room then that is awesome. I know photography will be $$$ for sure.
    No matter what in the end its so much fun dreaming! I think it all sounds fantastic and once things fall into place and costs you will have a wonderful wedding no matter what you spend or do!!
    It will be beautiful no matter what!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Tiff - I love all these ideas too, although things are always nothing is set in stone yet. Like you say, it's so fun to dream!

    Thanks for that info on the photography though, I hadn't thought of that...definitely a very important aspect. Will be going to you for any questions, etc.

    Hope you're doing well - we got your Christmas card and it's proudly hanging on my Christmas card wall. Avery is the cutest and I hope Jax and Ella are enjoying their new baby sister! xoxo

  3. Meaghan - I love is a HIGHLY addictive site!!

    All your ideas are amazing, and so you. I love the New Years Idea. that is so neat!!!

    Keep the blogs coming :)

  4. Thanks Jay - are you on Pinterest? I would love to follow you!

  5. I love love love the idea of a NYE wedding. We are going to one this year and I'm sure it will be beautiful. Your colour pallete is amazing and I love your dress ideas. Oh I love wedding planning - keep it coming!