Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A few words about the vignette

Not everyone may know what a vignette is, but surely everyone displays their belongings in some sort of way that makes them happy.  Whether it's your picture frames on a shelf, jewellery on your dresser, toiletries in your bathroom, kitchen utensils on your counter or gardening tools on your patio - most people enjoy seeing their valued belongings displayed in some type of fashion.  Whether or not they are always displayed this way is a whole other story!

Vignettes don't only have to be on table tops - vignettes can be made from groupings of furniture in a room or art on a wall.  The important thing is to stick to a theme, feeling, or style and include pieces that either have meaning to you or that you love to look at.  Not everything in the vignette needs to match, in fact it's more appealing if it isn't matchy-matchy.  Including items with different textures, shapes, sizes, and heights adds interest.  Vignettes don't always have to be for display and visual pleasure - they can also be functional and act as beautiful and artistic ways to organize your belongings.

As I do research for our upcoming wedding as well as browse through decorating magazines and websites I am continuously faced with beautiful vignettes, so I thought I would share some of my favourites.  I find them inspiring as I try and recreate them in our home and as I daydream about my wedding venue décor.

Let's begin with some home décor...

Here is a beautifully styled bar cart from Natasha at Schue Love.  She created a useful and organized vignette while still adding in some personal decorative pieces.  Very stylish.  I love.

The bathroom offers the perfect opportunity to create a luxurious vignette.  Here we have necessities easily accessible and beautifully displayed.  The crisp white framed by the wood crates makes me think of a spa, and really helps the orange flowers pop!

Groupings of kitchenware work perfectly here to organize and separate all these essentials.  I love the fact that everything is placed on one tray so they stay together.  

When I go to bed I have certain necessities that I need close by - a glass of water, my phone, hand cream, a reading lamp and a place to drop my jewellery.  But at the same time, why not treat yourself to some eye candy?  And maybe a fresh bloom or two?  Chantal from Beau Lifestyle shared this shot of her bedside table in her house tour on her blog.  Check it out by the way - she has impeccable taste.

We aren't all blessed with copious amounts of counter space in our kitchen.  So much so that we say to ourselves "What AM I going to fill that corner nook of my kitchen counter space with!?!?!?"  Well over at the Vintage Wren they seem to have this "problem".  So much so that she has the opportunity to display beautiful woven baskets and antique kitchen utensils.  

She can even fit a nice little lamp under her counter to better display her beautifully grouping.  don't you love the flowers in the cheese grater?!

Extra large coffee tables are quite popular these days, especially the Ottoman style which are the perfect surfaces for trays.  The trays in turn are even more perfect for a vignette!  

Creating your vignette on the tray instead of directly on the coffee table keeps your items grouped together nicely while giving them a hard, flat surface to sit on.  It also allows the display to be relocated quickly in case the Ottoman is needed for extra seating.  Linda from the Lennoxx featured this masculine coffee table vignette.  

As for vignettes at weddings.  There are so many opportunities to add them to your décor.  The possibilities are endless, really.

Here are some of my favourites....

There is nothing prettier than a beautifully styled dessert station.  I think this one in particular, from Jenny Cookies, is put together perfectly.  The vintage suitcases, wood crates, antique lace, hanging pompoms and burlap accents work perfectly together!  

And here is a super sweet table which was definitely made with love featured on Sparkle and Hay.  I love the use of back drops with both of these vignettes.  It definitely helps define the space.

As I mentioned, vignettes can be created with furniture groupings also.  This wedding, featured on Style Me Pretty, created an inviting outdoor seating area with antique furniture, a couple side tables with personal touches and some hanging lanterns.  I imagine this was quite cozy once the sun set and the lanterns were lit.  The hanging lace acts as a nice background and definitely adds to the romance. 

And who knew you could create a vignette within a vignette!  Here is a closer look at the stacked trunks, topped with a framed picture and other vintage accents.  Side note - if you don't have any taller pieces to add height, stacking books works beautifully.

The guest favour table will sort of automatically become a vignette.  Many like-items grouped together always look great, but instead of simply lining them up in a row, why not get creative by adding some unexpected elements such as pieces of wood or bricks for height and texture.  A sweet framed message to your guests is a very nice touch also.  

Vignettes aren't for everyone, especially the minimalist who likes everything hidden and tucked away in its place.  That's what I love about design and decorating - there is a different style to suit everyone's unique taste.  However if you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for décor ideas, are a collector or a traveller with many souvenirs, or just like the idea of displaying your favourite items, I hope these images have given you some ideas and inspiration.  

Maybe once I am satisfied with my perfect vignette, and learn how to photograph it correctly (maybe put down my phone and use an actual camera) I will share it here.  Too bad Christmas just passed and my birthday is 8 months away...a new camera would be lovely right about now!  hehehe!


  1. Maybe Derek needs one for his Birthday :) I love vignettes, but I am a minimalist at heart so I have a hard time thinking vignette to clutter. Also, having a little one around...any vignette I dream about has to be out of reach :) I am especially loving the first wedding dessert table you posted. Oh wow!

  2. I forgot that curious little hands would be one reason a vignette wouldn't work - very good point! That first dessert table is amazing, isn't it? I will try my best to display a nice vignette for the food and drinks at Derek's party this weekend...I'm sure he'll be really impressed :) haha!