Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Engagement shoot props

Now that I am pretty certain about what we will wear for our engagement photos (who am I kidding, I'll probably be going nuts Saturday morning screaming obscenities and how I have absolutely NOTHING to wear!)

Just kidding.  Or not.  Let's hope that doesn't happen and that I have a GREAT hair day!

Ok, now that we hopefully have our outfits planned, I can tell you all about our props!

First, here are some engagement and save-the-date photos that inspired me.  If you have the time to follow the source links to view each couple's full album, I would highly recommend it - they are all fabulous.  

I love this couple's style.  Crisp and classic in black and white yet still so relaxed and comfortable.  This photo makes it seem as though they brought their chalkboard prop to use, but just kind of forgot about it and let it hang since they are just so in madly in love.  And who doesn't love a forehead kiss?

I love the numbers strung upon twine for this couple's save-the-date shot.  The colour of the photo is beautiful and the pops of yellow are so happy.  I think it's sort of neat how you can't see their faces - it really highlights their adorable outfits and the date.  

This embrace is so nice - also interesting that even though you can't see their facial expressions, you can still feel the love between the couple.

There are so many details I love about this next photo.  First of all, the colour and style of her dress is fabulous (and the shoes!)  Their romantic dip kiss.  The background.  And I love the wording on the sign.  "She said yes!" is just so cute to me!

This good looking couple got dressed up and took engagement photos in their future home, and I think it looks great.  This is what inspired my idea to go to our condo site.  Even though we won't be able to get up inside our unit, I think being at ground level and having our building in behind us will give the same effect.

This couple spent the day with their photographer walking around NYC and it looks like they had such a blast (while wearing cute outfits!)  Serene pictures by parks and lakes are beautiful, but these photos, in the bustling city, are so full of life.  It's fun to see everything going on around the couple (imagine the noise level), but they are completely caught in each others eyes.  Ugh - so romantic.

I couldn't love this photo any more.  Is it not the cutest you have ever seen?  Someone please use this idea!!!

And here is the adorable (and creative) couple who made it happen.

Chalk is big these days, and this couple took it to the next level.  Pretty fun, no?

Onto my plans.  I really wanted to do this with our New Year's Eve Date of 12-31-12 in gold or silver, but everywhere I went didn't have the numbers I needed!  

After searching my third store I gave up (maybe I didn't want it bad enough slash I kind of dislike shopping sometimes).  Yes, a side note here: sometimes I hate it!  I have to be prepared.  As in - well fed, comfortable, organized, and alone (or with my mom or a maximum of one friend who is on the same page as me and likes the same stores as I do).  Other than that it's a no-go.

Since I couldn't find my numbers I improvised!  Here's what I created:

I purchased the letters which were natural wood and painted them.  WE DO is a metallic gold and LOVE is high gloss red.   

I used a glue gun to glue the letters to ribbon.  WE DO hangs from a black and gold rope/cord type ribbon and LOVE is hanging from a natural looking burlap material ribbon.

I really love the way they turned out.  I never do crafts, but totally enjoy them, so this was my idea of an awesome time.  The cost of my craft came to about $40.  Each letter was $3, the paint was $4 each and the ribbon was also $4 each.  I realize this is not the thriftiest craft.  I wasn't really paying attention to the price of things and was a little caught off guard when I got to the cash.

BUT!  I now have lots of beautiful leftover ribbon, my first two paints that I can use for future crafts (!!!) AND I am planning on using these in our wedding ceremony/reception décor.  So I think it was money well spent.  I probably could have saved $10 or so by going to the Dollar Store instead of Michael's, but I didn't think about that.

I also purchased this cute little heart shaped chalkboard (and white chalk) that hangs from twine.  It was about $5 for both, also from Michael's (I even used a coupon!)  I figure we can play around with the wording we put on it.  I think it would look cute hanging on a tree with an M+D or something.

Whatever we do, I will keep you posted and share our photos back here.  

The plan is to use one of the photos to create a save-the-date post card to send to our guests in the mail.  The postcard will have some information but the main purpose will be to direct everyone to our wedding website where they will find aaaallll the details and even RSVP to the wedding.  We are not sending out an official paper invite.  

So far I am liking this postcard style from Wedding Paper Genie, a store on Etsy.  

I like the fact that there is a calendar on the back, the front isn't too busy and you can totally customize it with your own colours.

Has anyone else gone this route?  Using props at their photo shoot to create a save-the-date postcard?  I'm slightly nervous about the wedding website, but I'm crossing my fingers it will work!  Obviously I'll keep you posted!

And one more picture - just to keep things real.  Here's what my LOVE sign looked like the first time I put it together.  Derek was like "Uuuhhhhh......"  

I think he might be scared to have children with me and my dyslexic poor spelling genes.


  1. I LOEV these ideas :) Can't wait to hear all about how it went on Saturday!

  2. The pics are going to be gorgeous Megs! These are great ideas... and loved the inspiration shots.

    1. Thanks Carm! I'm really excited - hoping the rain stays away.