Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On my way to wedding day shape!

There are one hundred and ten days remaining until I marry the man of my dreams!  Slash until I have to look super hot because a million pictures will be taken of me which will last a life time.  

Yippeee!!!  Slash EEEEK!!!

I am beginning to look forward to all the different tasks and events that will surround our wedding, including getting into wedding day (and honeymoon) shape.

As I've mentioned, I've had quite a busy summer, which has unfortunately led to my diet and exercise being placed on the back burner.  

I was not completely stagnant; I did play soccer twice per week and volleyball once a week, but this exercise schedule combined with over celebrating (i.e. over drinking and eating too much party food) didn't cut it.

So, with the new month of September came my search for a new fitness program. 

We do have a gym and a pool in our new condo, I have a bike and running shoes and we are surrounded by nice paths.  The practical and economical choice would be to make use of my surroundings and condo fees.  But I just. can’t. motivate. myself.  I’m seriously like the WORST!  I have to either play a sport where my teammates are counting on me to show up to games, or I have to spend money on a membership which pushes me to attend in order to get my money’s worth.

Here’s what I was looking for in a fitness facility/program:
  • Motivation – I love classes, loud music and someone who can really pump me up!
  • Good location – the location needed to be within walking or cycling distance from work/home
  • Convenient schedule – I like working out right after work or early in the morning if it’s close enough to home
  • Personal and friendly – I hate that feeling of being intimidated or really feeling like the “newbie” in class
  • Affordability – I still have fees for soccer to pay for and I am not a millionaire, so I needed to find a gym around $75/month (my goal is to attend 4 classes per week, which works out to under $5/class – dynamo!)
  • Results – obviously!  I like to participate in a good combination of strength training, cardio and stretching classes to keep my body and muscles from getting familiar

So, do I sound picky or what?  I thought I did, but lo and behold, through my research I was able to find the most PERECT fitness facility: The Fitness Fusion Studio!!!

The Fitness Fusion Studio basically met ALL of my criteria!

Jackie Gravel, the Owner and Manager, is the most lovely lady I’ve ever met.  She is so friendly, but when it comes to instructing classes she kicks it up a notch and definitely doesn’t let you “cheat” your way through.  She has the ability to make a workout extremely challenging yet fun at the same time.  Also, I feel like I gain muscle just by looking at her – her body is ripped!

  • They offer, on average 4 different classes per evening between the hours of 4PM and 9PM.
  •  Their location is basically right in the middle of my home and office, making it a convenient stop on the way home from work.
  • The variety of their classes is amazing!  You can do anything from Zumba, Pilates, Kick Boxing, Kettlebell, Yoga, Boot Camp (which is outdoors until November!) and other classes with names like "Sculpt Your Body" (ummm, yes please!) and "Total Core Conditioning" which is a quick 30 minute class that focuses on strengthening your abs and lower back!  There are even some outdoor classes which are as simple as a 5km speed walk across the bridge to Quebec and back.
  • A major bonus, the cost is $199 (plus tax) for 3-months of unlimited classes.  Right in my budget!  

I registered for their 3-month program last week and so far I’ve totally loved it.  Everyone there is super friendly and encouraging.  I do kind of feel like the new girl, but not in a bad way.  People recognize that I haven’t been to a class before and offer suggestions, personal experience and help me with things like choosing the best size of weight for a certain exercise. 

After attending only 4 classes I can feel a difference.  Jackie was excited to hear that I will be getting married this NYE and I trust that with her kick-ass classes I will wear my wedding dress confidently. 

But more importantly I would love to rock a bikini in Hawaii!

So for anyone looking for a new fitness program, I would definitely recommend The Fitness Fusion Studio.  It's located on Cumberland at York in the ByWard Market.


  1. This place sounds awesome! I may just join you when I move... =)

    1. Liz - you totally should! I think you would love it.

  2. Great post, Meaghan! You've reminded me of the importance of goal setting and commitment. I have no doubt you'll radiate hotness and beauty on your big day :)

    1. Thanks Rosie - you're sweet :) I'm definitely feeling committed right now, so hopefully it lasts!