Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The great glebe garage sale

The GGGS did not disappoint!  The weather was fabulous, buyers and sellers were in good spirits and both Ashley and I found some great items without breaking the bank (at all!)  We saw some amazing musicians, belly dancers, enjoyed some street meet and even witnessed a flash mob!

Here are some pics from our day:

The day is about more than just a garage sale raising money for various charities.  It's a big street festival, and it's awesome!

Here is the flash mob.  It was organized by The Community Cup.  

No outdoor fest is complete without some spicy street meet.  

Here's Ash, rockin' her new 10 cent shades!

As for what I purchased, I didn't go overboard, but I think I did well!

As I mentioned, I was looking for an old antique briefcase/suit case to use as a card box at our wedding.  I love the look of all these ideas:

My budget was $30 and so I was totally pumped when I found this gem for $25!

Not bad, eh?  I haven't decided if I will used it to hold some of my favours (coffee, I think) or use it as my card box.  I am envisioning some type of fabric (a tea towel or a pillow case, even) draped along the bottom to create a lining, and some pretty wooden letters strung at the top.

You probably thought that chest (trunk? box?) was the greatest find of the day.  Well, I'll tell you - I was pretty excited about it, but NOT as excited as when I saw this adorable moose head staring up at me from the a table!

Isn't he the cutest ever!?  I'm not sure if you know that faux taxidermy is quite chic and trendy in nursery decor these days. 

Did I mention my moose head is brand new, with his price tag on and everything?  For $8 he was in my bag quicker than I could pay the sweet lady.  

If you think I'm just crazy, with no design sense at all, here are 2 beautifully styled nurseries featuring this fun trend, along with some beautiful (and expensive) animal heads for sale.

This adorable elephant is $139.

Is my moose not looking amazing to you right now?  If not, that's ok.  Derek loved him, or maybe just loved how much I loved him?  Ashley made fun of me for an hour after I purchased him, but hey, to each their own, right!?

My other purchases were gifts.  The GGGS is a great place to buy gifts, by the way.  And really nice baby/children's clothing.

Here's a pack of 50 Beau's Beer coasters for Derek's brother.  He loves Beau's beer and is moving into a new condo he purchased in about 9 months.  I'm planning on including these in a gift basket for him.  Don't let me forget about them!  They were $2.

I purchased this 15 pack of recycled golf balls for our friend Ted.  He lives in the country and hits balls into the field behind his house.  For 20 cents/ball I'm sure he won't care if he never sees them again.

I must have had our Brockville friends on the brain, because the next thing I picked up was this adorable fork and spoon set for our friends' Karen and Ryan's little munchkin.  

Conveniently, we were heading to Brockville for the night so were able to give our gifts right away as opposed to forgetting about them in the back of the closet.  I definitely do that sometimes.  Reminder: Don't let me forget about the beer coasters!

We wanted to buy this cute little puppy, but he wasn't for sale.

It's too bad I didn't take more photos of the beautiful homes in the Glebe.  This one, for example, was renovated beautifully and the second level has a garage-like door on the balcony that opens up to their kitchen/dining/living room.  Hello dream home!

Ashley and I spent a good 5 to 6 hours at the GGGS and were parched by the time we got back to the car. Thank goodness we parked near a pub so we could rehydrate.

Did anyone else visit the Glebe last Saturday?  If so, did you see or buy anything amazing?  We definitely saw some pretty happy shoppers and a ton of happy people.  I can't wait for next year!

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