Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding invitations and registries

Do you remember when we discussed the evolution of wedding invitations?

After reading through your comments, and discussing the idea with friends and family, we decided that the wedding website route was perfect for us.

And here's why:

1) Everyone we were inviting to the wedding used email (even Derek's grandmother is on facebook);
2) I had some extra information I wanted to provide about our wedding events, and to do it all via paper invites would have been bulky/expensive;
3) I love blogging, and for me, putting together the website was like working on a second blog!

Since I agree with the fact that it's fun to receive something other than a bill or flyer in the mail we did send postcard style save the dates to our wedding guests.  We used one of our favourite engagement shoot photos and purchased them save the dates through an Etsy vendor, Wedding Paper Genie for about $100 plus the postage.

We were very happy with how they turned out.  The message was simple and to the point.  I think having the calendar on the back helped remind people that our wedding would take place on a Monday night, which was a detail people tended not to think about.  

Although it may not have been extremely obvious, we included our wedding website at the bottom, indicating that it was where you could find the "formal" invitation.  Most people got it.

Feel free to check out our website.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  It was super fun to put our "love story" into writing, and share some details about our friends and family members in the wedding party.  I even slightly hinted to guests about a dress code.  And like I said before, everyone looked smashing!

You can also visit the honeyfund registry we put together which was our gift registry towards the honeymoon.  I think everyone enjoyed looking through the items to see where we were staying and things we were planning on doing in Hawaii.  I especially liked that I could include links so that when guests clicked on the item they were re-directed to the actual hotel/restaurant/snorkel rental website.

As for my feedback on; I found it very user friendly.  I was able to track the RSVPs easily and send follow-up emails through the website.  I received positive comments from our wedding guests and only had to follow-up on a few RSVPs, which I hear is normal anyways.

I was happy we skipped the formal paper invites and thankful we decided to send the postcard save the dates so that people had something to hold on to as a "keep sake".

We also had really great success with  Although it wasn't free, like our wedding website, since we paid the $40 to upgrade our site with pretty pictures, it was still worth it.  

I would highly recommend both sites to anyone interested in putting together a wedding website or setting-up a honeymoon registry.

So what are your thoughts on wedding invitations?  Do you prefer the more traditional invitation or are you getting on board with the online trend?  

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