Sunday, April 06, 2014

A gallery wall

I am the worst for letting things pile up.  Laundry, dishes, paperwork, home projects, etc.  Thankfully I've matured and now pay all my bills on time.  

So, I am happy to say that we recently checked off our most recent home project from the list: creating a gallery wall in our den.

Over the past few years, Derek and I have been collecting pictures from the different cities we've visited together.  And with the addition of a few gifts from family and friends we had the perfect amount to create our gallery.

But then I needed frames.  And it seemed like a big investment to purchase 10+ frames.  So I sat on the project for another year or so, when finally I mentioned shopping for frames to a friend of mine.

She said "FRAMES?!  I've got frames for days!"  And I went over to her house where she proceeded to pull out 2 large storage bins full of picture frames and I had my pick!  I'm one lucky girl, I tell you.

With no more excuses, and renewed enthusiasm, I started out by framing all of my pictures in the various black frames.  And then I played around to create some type of an arrangement that I liked.  

I have never done a gallery wall, so I found the layout idea below the easiest to work with.  Just create an imaginary horizontal line through the gallery of pictures and then hang the frames above and below the line.  It still has that casual look, but with some symmetry.  

I am super happy with the way it turned out, and I like how the arrangement will allow me to add more pieces as time goes on.  I think some non-frame additions like a a gold W from Chapters would look awesome, for example.

As for tips and tricks on hanging pictures; I've got none.

Basically I measured how long the gallery of pictures would be and tried to leave the same distance open on each side.  I tried to follow some instructions on hanging the frames, but they didn't work.  There are at least 2 nail holes for every picture I hung.  

My friend Lisa would cringe.  

But it doesn't bother me.  They are hidden.  And if they're coming down it's because I'm painting and hanging something new.  They can be fixed at that point.

If you are looking for tips, check these out.  And if you're looking for gallery ideas check out a ton of templates and layout ideas here.

Here are some more detail shots for fun!

The painting is one Derek's uncle did year's ago.  And the kissing orca whale picture was a gift from my sister.

Here's a map of Maui we picked up at a market while on our honeymoon.  

Neither of us have our degrees framed, but my aunt and uncle, Marie-France and Jacques, gave me the personalized picture above which has different buildings from Acadia University and the details of my degree. 

I'm so happy we finally completed this project.  This is the wall that stares back at us every time we open the front door to our home, so the fact that it now has some colour and personality literally makes me giddy.  

Going forward I think I would like to add a sleek floor lamp for reading and a cozy rug with a small ottoman or coffee table.

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