Sunday, November 27, 2011

La Tiffani II

Derek and I are currently living in a 480 square foot bachelor(ette) apartment close to downtown Ottawa.  We have lived here together for 1 and a half years.  Without having any walls dividing our space to create "rooms" I think we have fared pretty well.  Our relationship is still intact.  

We admit
  • the quarters are very tight,
  • we have to go to the bathroom to actually be in a different room
  • and sometimes my clothing smells like dinner if I leave my closet door open....

But!  I think it's been really great for our relationship.  We have learned to respect each other's space, share (the tv), and be conscious not to push each other's buttons.  It's no fun being angry or annoyed with someone who you can't get away from (especially in the winter time when it's not as enjoyable to be out on the balcony or sitting on a park bench...)

We never planned on staying in our little place for too long, so this past spring we began working with our real estate agent, Kim, who helped us find our perfect downtown condo.  For us, deciding on purchasing a centrally located condo was an easy decision.  We were both on the exact same page in terms of what we were looking for:
  • a new build so that we could put off the move for a little while (honestly, we love our little bachelor(ette) and aren't ready to leave just yet)
  • underground parking (ideally included with the price of the condo)
  • one bedroom
  • one bathroom
  • enough room for a dining and living area
  • a balcony
  • decent storage space
  • central location (no more than 5km from downtown, where we both work)
After visiting some move-in ready condos and a couple sales centres for new builds (other favourites being Central and SOHO Lisgar) we decided La Tiffani II, located in the Vanier/New Edinburgh area, was perfect for us.  

Here she is - The Bennett!  760 square feet....with WALLS!  We couldn't be more excited for our move-in date of July 2, 2012.  

Not only do we get a nice size living/dining room and bedroom, we also get a walk-in closet and a den!  Other luxury items we are really pumped about are the washer/dryer, dish washer and the island in the kitchen.

I have so many ideas and dreams for our future home that it gives me butterflies.  We've actually already selected all of the finishes for her (flooring, cabinets, hardware, appliances...) and I will definitely share our selections and how I (I mean we...) came to our final decisions.  

I also plan on sharing what we learned through buying our first house.  What helped...what we would do differently.  It was definitely a learning process and we were both really stressed out at times.  Truthfully, until we actually move in, there is still a lot to be done in terms of dealing with lawyers, mortgages and money.  

Mostly, it's been really exciting.  We love seeing the building grow right before our eyes (we currently live across the river from the building site).  

This picture was taken from the lobby of our current apartment.  La Tiffani II is the shorter building on the right.  It is going to be a replicate of the middle building, which is La Tiffani I.

More to come on why we selected The Bennett model and why we are so excited about the building itself and our soon to be neighbourhood.

Until next time...

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