Thursday, March 15, 2012

How embarrassing!!!

It's Thursday.  The day my Pinterest Challenge is due.  And I'm tardy.  I feel like I'm back in high school.

I was going to not post today - just quietly stay off the internet and hope no one would notice my big fat failure.  But then I thought I should just fess up and tell you the truth: I have not even come close to completing/starting my Pinterest Challenge.

I wish I had a really great excuse, but basically I've just been spending my time watching The Bachelor, reading about it here, and eating coffee Haagen Dazs that I hid at the back of the freezer where Derek can't see it.  I am writing this here so that he will read it and eat the rest of it while I'm out tonight.

Ok, so this weekend (even though I'm really busy) I plan on making that AWESOME DRY ERASE BOARD!  Yep, still sounds kinda lame one week later.  I would do it tonight but I'm having a sleepover with my best friend forever/bride-to-be/my maid of honour Ashley....and we'll probably be too busy doing things like eating, drinking, watching Jersey Shore, etc. to make a dry erase board.

You should definitely check out what Sherry, Katie and their special guests created though!

I think Sherry's bean bag for her bean is super cute.  Almost at cute as Clara.

I would never be as brave and patient as Katie B to make such cool artwork.

I think I could handle creating some faux antlers like Cassie.

And Erin's mason jar chandelier is amazing.

They all get A++ in my books!

Did any of you guys jump on the Pinterest Challenge band wagon?  Did anyone else fail, like me?  We will do better next time, right!?

Ok, see you soon, with a really kick ass DRY ERASE BOARD!

PS - A special apology to Christine who was "hooked!"

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  1. That was cute of you, hiding that Haagen Dazs and hope Derek reads this and eat it. LOL. I love that. :)

    Looking forward to that Dry Erase Board. :)