Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

Like so many other Pinterest lovers out there, I pin, pin and pin away all the live long day (insert music here) - recipes, art projects, décor inspiration, wedding ideas but my pins only become reality about 1% of the time.

So, after sitting by as a spectator to both the summer and fall editions of the Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power, I decided to get in the game for the winter edition.

Bring on the challenge!!!

You can check out the cute Sherry and Katie here and here as they annouce the first 2 editions of the Pinterest Challenge.  Winter Edition found here.  Aren't these ladies the cutest and most adorable humans out there?  

Sometimes I talk to Derek and my friends about Sherry as though she is my work colleague or something.  I come home at the end of the day, and I'm like:

"So, you will never guess what Sherry and John DIYed last weekend!" or 

"Sherry and John just got back from Hawaii and it looks like they had a really great time!  I'm totally going to ask her for honeymoon planning advice!" or 

"I love Sherry's new hair cut, maybe we should move to Virginia so that we can share stylists and then somehow become real life best friends!"

I don't really find this weird, but Derek seems to think I'm crazy at times....

Anyway, back to the Pinterest Challege.  Basically, the only rule is that you do your own personal take on something inspirational that you've pinned (and link back to the original creator of the project that inspired you, be it a company like Anthropologie or a personal blogger that got your wheels turning).  Also, you only have one week to get 'er done!  

I started going through one of my pin boards titled "this to make" which was full of good diy ideas like:

Since this is my first Pinterest Challenge and since I'm a newby at DIY projects I thought I would start with something small and pretty doable.  So!  I will be making a Dry Erase Board!!!  I realize this sounds lame, but baby steps steps.

I found the idea through Pinterest (obvi) and was linked to this great blog Make and Takes which is full of fun craft ideas, especially if you have a little kiddie or two.

It's pretty cute, eh?  I can't wait to shop around for the paper backing and frame.  I might even pick up some strong magnets so that it can go on the fridge and be used for our grocery list, or even our activities that we need to keep track of during the week.

I plan on having my project completed by next Thursday and will post about it then.  

Any other Pinterest addicts want to get in on this challenge?  I understand if you want to just sit the first few times out like I did.  But maybe by the third you will be brave enough to take on the challenge.  

By the way, I'm currently reading The Hunger Games and all this talk of challenges is getting my adrenaline pumping because I just keep thinking of Katniss and how....ok, I won't go any further, don't want to ruin it for anyone.  Just read the books!

So, I will see you back here on Thursday, hopefully with an awesome first Pinterest Challenge project!

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