Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A reminder that spring is just around the corner!

I love Holt Renfrew.  And when I say I love it, I mean walking through the store on my lunch hour, trying on sun glasses and awing at the rows of scarves and purses.  I've also had fun trying on shoes, drooling over the beautiful dresses and getting a spritz of the newest perfume.  I have only ever made one purchase from Holt's - a pair of red, leather Michael Kor's flats.  Apparently I thought I was a big deal and needed to go to Holt's instead of The Bay or Town Shoes to pick these up.  The iconic magenta bag was worth it though!

I work one block away from Holt Renfrew, so I walk by every day.  I love the fact that I work so close to such a fancy store for one reason....

The window displays!!!!!

There are a few stores on Rideau that dress their windows nicely (The Bay, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters) and I'm sure a few more around the city, but the windows that always catch my eye seem to be at Holt's.

They push the envelope and go outside of the box.  Most of the time I don't even "get" their displays, but I still love walking by every day trying to figure them out.  They really are works of art.

I always know when a new display is about to emerge because the window is covered from the inside for a couple days while they prep their scene.  A few days ago I noticed this was happening, and now, even though it still feels like the middle of winter with our never ending snow storms, I am able to walk by a lovely spring themed window display at Holt Renfrew.  How refreshing!

It's tough to really appreciate the displays with the glare, especially since you can see the snow!  But even still, you get the picture.  I love how they really bring the outdoors in, and there is dirt and bark mulch in there.  The rubber boots are pretty cute, as are the knee pads and the hose.  

My favourites are the green blazer paired with the orange bag and the red skirt.  

Lots of stripes and plaid.  Quite a preppy look.  I love the beige trench coat over the large print dress. 

Any favourites?  I just love seeing the bright colours and being reminded that spring is almost around the corner.  It's also funny to think that the colour of the manikins' plastic bodies is pretty close to the colour of my legs right now! 

Come on spring time!!!


  1. I've never heard of Holt Renfrew, I don't know if we have any around here. They have some pretty crazy and colorful clothes!

    fun! :)


    1. Now that I think of it, it's a Canadian chain of department stores. If you come up to Canada and want to do some browsing of fashion porn, it's the place to go!

      Happy belated birthday btw!