Monday, March 26, 2012

The IKEA RAST hack

You might recognize this RAST dresser from IKEA:

I know we had some of this furniture in my house when I was growing up.  Functional storage, neutral style at the low cost of $39.99.  

I recently discovered the trend called RAST hack and can't believe I did not know of this until now.  I think it's the coolest thing ever and can't wait to hack my own RAST!!!  

Please forgive me, apparently this is soooo 2011, but if you don't know the drill here it is:

Talented diy-ers creatively put their own spin on the IKEA RAST dresser; the finished products being very stylish furniture.  Much more exciting than the original RAST (sorry IKEA, it's just so boring - but THANK YOU for creating such an affordable blank canvas of a dresser to work with!)

Lindsay from Aubrey + Lindsay's Little House Blog made beautiful night tables.  She provides a great tutorial if you are inspired by her work. 

Nancy Marcus from Marcus Design channelled Dorothy Draper and created a beautiful black and gold night table.  She has also included a really good tutorial.

Another black lacquer finished product - this time with more of an Asian feel - from Design Manifest.  I think it looks great as a side board or tv console.  

Ellen from Nouveau Stitch actually used some of her favourite fabric to re-do her own RAST.  This is very inspiring and I think it looks beautiful.

Bri from Me You and a Wiener (this girl is funny) went to the Greeks for inspiration and came up with this beauty.  

This weathered RAST hack from is my favourite.  I love the numbered drawers - they remind me of old shipping crates.  

Have any of you hacked your own RAST?  Feel free to share it by sending me a picture and/or link.  Once we move into our new condo, this summer, I might end up hacking a RAST for the front entrance.  After that whole diy dry erase board, I feel like I can do anything!  Totally kidding - but some of these ideas seem pretty doable, even for me!

Happy Monday folks!


  1. Hey meaghan,
    I read your blog and love it!
    I fyou like that hack check out Ikea hackers

    they hack everything ikea!

    Jessie Foster

    1. Hey Jessie! I can't believe I didn't know about this website before! It's amazing. People are so smart!!!

      Have you ever hacked anything IKEA?


    2. No nothing. I got rid of my malm bed before I realized I could hack it! Its ok though. I have some IKEA dressers that I'm thinking about doing in the future though!