Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-Delivery Inspection - a success!

Derek and I just returned from the Pre-Delivery Inspection and we couldn't be happier with our new condo.

All the finishes I we chose look really awesome and the floor plan flows just as well as we thought it would.

I wasn't even super disappointed by the bedroom carpet, like I thought I would be.  It actually looks really great and makes the room feel cozy.  Some of my favourite aspects of our condo include the HUGE windows and fabulous views.  The floors - I love the dark hardwood and my black tile selection.  I'm also a big fan of our kitchen counters and cabinets.  And our faucet.  

Ok, clearly it's difficult for me to choose favourites.

The inspection process went really smoothly.  At first I was just really excited bouncing from room to room, opening doors and hanging out on the balcony.  Then our man, Mike, started talking to me about the furnace and air conditioner which put me into checklist-Meaghan mode.  I didn't want to forget anything he said, so everything was written down.  And then we began checking items off our checklist.  

As we walked through the space, room by room, we noticed little scuffs on the floor, imperfections with the dry wall, some broken tile in our back splash, and a crappy caulking job on some parts around the tub.  But all in all I was super impressed with the cleanliness and good craftsmanship of our unit.  My cousin Dean, who is a real estate agent, was also really impressed, which comforted Derek and I.

Here are some pictures which were taken very quickly and excitedly.

Super excited to be entering unit 801!

We can see our current apartment building which is the white one on the right.

A view looking North.

And a view looking South.

Here is the heart of our home - our fabulous kitchen.  I am super happy how everything turned out.  I love my high gloss cabinets and glass tile back splash.  The dark granite adds a nice contrast and ties in the dark floors.  I'm also happy that we decided to upgrade to a slightly fancier faucet.

We will eventually upgrade the overhead lighting, and I'm looking forward to putting something up on the half wall at the end of the island.  Maybe some chalk board paint?

Here is the view looking towards the kitchen.  The bathroom is on the left.  I didn't get a picture of the den, but it's around the back of the kitchen.  And that's Mike.

The bathroom is tiny, but we're ok with that.  We would rather some square footage go towards the bedroom and living areas.  Since we have a pass through from our walk-in closet we are missing some valuable wall space, which is why the builder decided to put that towel bar way up above the toilet.  I think it is the weirdest looking thing ever, and it will be coming down.  I will be brainstorming towel rack solutions.  

I really enjoy the raised sink and faucet, but I would like to remove the builder's mirror and install something with a little more interest.

In the bedroom we have a nice, big window with a view.  

We have a better view of the carpet in this picture.  Not too bad, right?  You can also see the walk through closet to the bathroom.

I didn't want to leave the kitchen.  I can't wait to add some pops of colour in there!

Derek didn't want to leave the balcony.

I couldn't finish the post without showing you my sexy steel toe boots.  I do, however, think Derek looks quite good in a hard hat!

Things to note: 
  • I made sure to get a copy of the form where Mike marked down all the items needing fixing (thanks for that suggestion, Justine).
  • We definitely made friends with Mike.  The whole experience was pleasant and he was super helpful. So be nice to your rep!
  • I did not rush through the inspection and I made sure to ask questions if I had any.  I even showed Mike our checklist and we went through it together.  
  • It definitely helped to bring a third person along.  Someone who was not emotionally attached to the condo.  Dean was supportive and contributed helpful advice.

So the PDI has been checked off the list.  Next up is our closing, which should be a whole lot more paperwork.  I'm slightly nervous for this part of the buying process because of all the legal lingo and dollars that are involved.  Thankfully we have a great lawyer who we trust and an excellent relationship with our mortgage man.

I can't wait until we receive our keys (July 23rd) and I can start visualizing all the decorating!