Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finding the light

I am loving the way light streams into the condo during the day time.  Our bedroom, living room and kitchen always feel so light and airy.  Except when the sun goes down, that is.

Now that the days are becoming shorter, and the sun is setting earlier, it's getting pretty dark in our main living area.  Since we have yet to install a ceiling fixture in over our dining table, there are no lights at all in the living/dining room.  Unless you count the blue glow coming from the television, which is not ideal for painting my nails.  Or reading.  Or doing anything, really.

At the moment, we don't have any side tables, or a proper console/hutch for the television, so a table lamp isn't an option.  Which leaves a floor lamp as the answer.  This is very exciting to me, since I am in love with so many of the different styles of floor lamps these days!

This STUDIO floor lamp from ZONE is one of my favourites!

But since our floor lamp needs to take up as minimal space as possible, a small base is what we need.  I picture it squeezing in beside/behind Cedric, next to the window.

And based on the available space, I think something along the lines of these styles will work best...

The big dipper arc floor lamp from CB2 ($229)

The ALBI floor lamp from Zone ($218)

The BAROMETER floor reading lamp from IKEA ($69.99)

The NYFORS floor reading lamp from IKEA ($79.99)

The FLEX floor lamp from ZONE ($186)

I obviously like the IKEA lamps' price tags better.  However, we do have a $200 gift card for ZONE which has been burning a hole in my wallet for a few weeks now.  Right now, I am really liking the last lamp, Mr. FLEX with his traditional shade.

To keep you in the loop, here are a few pictures depicting the current status of our main living space.  

You can see our new dining chairs, tucked between Cedric and the kitchen, which we love!  Our table, however, has yet to arrive and we've actually be notified by Phillip Van Leeuwen that it won't be delivered until December of this year.  Yes, that is almost a year of waiting after we made the purchase over boxing week in 2011.  

Basically they manufactured the wrong one, which delayed the process along with a host of other reasons.  They've been pretty sympathetic about it all and will be sending us a $100 cheque (not store credit, actual money) and will be delivering and assembling the piece for free.  

Here's a reminder picture, as I assume you've forgotten what it looks like (we have!)

Until then we live with this random wood table hidden under whatever tablecloth I have on hand!

The next picture below shows how we really do need a proper hutch for the television.  Although our swivel stand for the has served us well, I can't stand how all the cords and wires are visible in the back.  Which is why I've used baskets and urns to try and disguise them!

On a side note, the beautiful teal and brown urn you see in the front of my vignette is from my dear friends Christine and Vanessa.  They always give the most thoughtful birthday gifts!  

This is the type of hutch I am on the look-out for.  A beautiful mid-century teak piece, with clean lines, timeless style and loads of storage.  I've seen them advertised on kijiji and craig's list as well as in antique shops anywhere between $150 and $1000.  

I think between the old craig's list trunk we're using as our coffee table and a nice mid-century hutch, we'll be able to balance the very modern finishings of our condo to create a more eclectic, lived-in and well-rounded style.  While still taking inspiration from "coastal modern" of course!

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