Monday, August 27, 2012

Painting laminate furniture - project complete!

Ok, now that the summer of weddings has ended, I've found some time to complete my book shelves.

Remember how our old laminate book cases went from this: 

to this:

Huge improvement, right?

Too bad the painting fairy never showed up over the last 4 weeks to finish my project, though.  I still needed to give the back of the all-white case one more coat of paint as well as paint all of the shelves (4 per book case).  

Once I realized said fairy wasn't showing up found some spare time in my life, I finally tackled the rest of this project.  

I took the same steps painting the shelves, as I did with the actual book cases.  It took one afternoon to paint the shelves and then another 2 days for them to sit out on our balcony drying.  

Without further adieu, here are some photos of the final result!

I love how the blue back turned out.  I think the white pieces look really fresh and the colourful accents keep it feeling playful and not too serious.  I'm sure the shelves will be ever-changing because that's my idea of a good time :)

I'm happy I decided to keep the book chase in the living area solid white.  The plan is to move this book case to another room once we eventually purchase a proper hutch to use as a television stand.  So the fact that it is all-white will make it easier to match with other things.  

I like adding colour by layering framed art at the back of the shelves.  We have a few pieces that still need to be framed.  Can't wait to get on that!

In the end, this project probably took me a total of 10 hours and cost roughly $140.  Overpriced, probably.  But I'm totally happy with the result and the fact that I didn't have to spend money on brand new book cases.  So, I say to all of you wondering if you should paint your brown laminate pieces of furniture, go for it!  It's amazing what a coat (or four) of paint can do!  

And 10 points to those who noticed my blue ikat pillow!  I sort of made him centre stage in the last few pics :)  It's a new purchase from Home Sense this weekend for $24.99. I love their pillow selection, and I think it ties in with my colours wonderfully. 

Next on the condo décor to-do list  is hanging bedroom curtains.  I purchased some black-out curtains from Bouclair Home last week and am dying to mount them.  Our bedroom never seems to get too dark with the city lights at night time and bright sun in the mornings.  

So, I know there isn't a painting fairy, but do  you think there is one who hangs curtains???

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