Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Going coastal

Maybe it’s the refreshing air conditioning we now have at the condo, or the beautiful sky blue views we see from the window.  Whatever the reason may be, I am definitely loving Coastal Living décor.

And I definitely think it's fate that our kitchen backsplash totally looks like ripples in the ocean.

If you are wondering whether or not you can pull off this beachy look while living miles away from water and surrounded by concrete, have no fear.  Tim Clarke, interior designer in Santa Monica, California confirms that we can infuse inspiration from the coastal lifestyle and essence of the "perfect beach house" into any space, regardless of size or location.  

I'm completely attracted to his signature style of "coastal modern" and how its simple, clean lines are softened by organic shapes and textures to create an airy, calming and fresh environment.

It's perfect, really, since the bones of our condo are just that - clean, modern and fresh finishes in crisp white, sea blue with dark floors and counters to ground the space.  Some organic textures are just what we need to soften things up.

Here are some images which have been inspiring me....

This kitchen from Better Homes and Gardens gives me shivers.  I love the white cabs (obvi) and that fresh robin's egg blue in their built in shelving is so fresh!

These pretty blue chairs around the pedestal table is feminine in a not too frou-frou way.  

They clearly have a gorgeous view of a lake or something, but I think the blue glass vases seen here around the top of the room would complement our view pretty nicely also!

I love the combination of styles in this room: white washed walls, antique looking chairs, industrial chrome lighting and the painted table.

So, I think we are at a good starting point in our condo, with finishes that will create a beautiful base for the coastal décor that is about to come.  And - surprise!  The decorating has already begun!  

Last week, I forced Derek to agree on purchasing a wood/rattan trunk off of Craig's List.  This is something Derek has difficulty with because he really likes to think things through.  We all know that Craig's List does not offer this luxury and after passing on a couple other pieces I had fallen in love with over the internet, he let me have this one.

And we're both so happy he did!

Please forgive the grainy photo of our just-moved-into living room.  But there she is - a beautiful, large trunk which will act as our coffee table while at the same time adding that ever-so-important organic texture to my modern coastal vibe.  And did I mention how much she stores!?

For $100 I am one happy camper sailor.

And yes, her and Cedric the couch are getting along very well :)

I have some DIY plans this August long-weekend to fix up our brown laminate book shelves. 

You remember these, right?

Well, the laminate faux-wood look isn't really in sink with my vision.

Here is an inspiration photo to give you a hint!

So what do you think about the coastal living look for an urban condo?  Do you think it's a nice change or a bit of a tease?  I absolutely love it and can't wait to see things take shape!

In the mean time, I hope everyone enjoys a lovely long-weekend.  I am so excited to have extra time to spend in my new home!


  1. I love the coastal look. it is so clean and fresh and I LOVE blue and white together !! I can't say I'm a fan of painted wood, but this does look nice. I should say that painted wood has it's place and if you have the decor that accomodates rocks !! have fun decorating!!!!

    1. I love blue and white too! With pops of colour, I think it looks so fresh and fun. Believe me, I love me some nice wood...but the laminate particle board...not so much!